Jeff’s Liquor Inventory

Jeff’s Liquor Inventory

Project Description:

Jeff’s Liquor Inventory is a unique database site built on WordPress. I created a custom theme and build a special backend database for this site. Jeff was looking to improve upon his spreadsheets that he used to take a large inventory from two stores twice a week.

Before I created him this site he use to carry a laptop around with one hand and input inventory with his other. He wasn’t even looking for a website and really just wanted improvements to his current Spreadsheet. I asked him how he would feel about taking Inventory with his phone instead of carrying around his laptop all the time. Needless to say he was excited at the idea.

Not only can Jeff take inventory with his phone now, all his inventory is stored in a database instead of hundreds of spreadsheets. A lot of the manual processes are now automated including pulling in updated prices.

The best part is that by using his phone and the automated processes Jeff is able to take inventory in less than half the time it took him before? Time is money!

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